Control Access to your Facility


Physical security and access control have become increasingly important over the past several years and the industry has seen a lot of growth and innovation. Much of this growth and innovation has been driven by organizations looking for solutions that offer more enhanced features, better security, and increased flexibility. Choosing the right access control system can solve programs and create efficiencies.


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Industry Trend: Mobile Access


This new solution allows employees to use their wearable, smartphone, or tablet to access gates, networks, doors, and more. Control Access helps improve user's convenience. With this non-manual security system, your company looks contemporary and more attractive.  With our Mobile Access, which leverages SEOS as its fundamental credential technology, our clients gain the following advantages:


Easy to operate and inexpensive
Using HID Global, our clients can create, revoke and manage credentials from the cloud. With many options for subscription charges, our clients enjoy many more predictable costs as user licenses can be removed or added. With this, organizations can either make cutbacks or increases based on what their business requires.


Efficient and higher security
Your company enjoys a highly secured and reliable cloud system when using HID Mobile Access. Backed with a service agreement, the HID Mobile Access demonstrates a more significant commitment to connectivity. It does that for uptime as well.


Convenience for Users
With HID Mobile Access, users are no longer in need of a card to access any facility. They can make use of the go-to Mobile device instead. The platform is designed with highly intuitive “Twist and Go” and “Tap” commands to help employees gain access conveniently and efficiently.
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FAQ - Access Control
Access control refers to the practice of permitting or restricting individuals’ physical access to a building, site or even to specific areas and rooms. These systems can be applied to any physically contained points, such as doors, gates, barriers, fences, turnstiles and even elevators. They can be simple standalone systems controlling one or two doors, or they can be an integrated network that covers multiple buildings.
An access control system controls who enters a site/building and specific areas within those premises and at what time, barring unauthorized visitors without impeding the flow of those who are authorized. PCS can provide multiple options when finding the correct solution for your business.
An access control system typically consists of: Credential readers at the doors or entry points; electrified locksets to secure the entrances; door contacts and request-to-exit devices to provide sensor inputs; system controllers and power supplies; application software and a database.
Customize Access for Employees - Limit and personalize access to restricted areas to only a few people and grant temporary access to visitors.
Audit Entry Logs - Access reports that show who’s entering and exiting at all times from wherever you are - whether remote or on-site.
Eliminate Brass Keys - Avoid the hassle of managing keys and the cost of re-keying the building
Integrate With Other Systems - Integrate with other security systems, such as intrusion, video surveillance, HR databases, badging, visitor entry systems and more.