Systems - Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) Security Surveillance

Premier Commercial  Security specializes in CCTV security surveillance systems that range from stand-alone security cameras to fully integrated security control centers and to the immerging Internet Protocol (IP) addressable security camera market.  Today we are faced with an explosion of new security technologies that are revolutionizing the way we view and interact with CCTV security systems.  At Premier Commercial Security we are committed to understanding and recommending the right CCTV security solution for our customers. CCTV security systems monitor a variety of areas.  They're used as an aid for security personnel, to help control and deter acts of crime, to prevent theft, and to provide employee safety.  In retail environments, CCTV security cameras remain as one of the most effective means of providing prosecutable evidence, as well as being an effective deterrent to shoplifting, vandalism, and robbery.  PCS has worked with our local police departments in an effort to educate them in the latest technology, so they are more able to better catch criminals.  In industrial and commercial applications, CCTV security cameras can also be used to monitor remote areas that might be dangerous or inaccessible by other means.

Leverage Existing Investments in Surveillance Technology

Premier Commercial Security will customize a CCTV security solution that will not only meet your current security video requirements, but will also grow into a converged platform for the future. Why waste time and money on a limited video surveillance security system only to replace it shortly after?  Premier Commercial Security believes that your CCTV security system should scale with your organizations growth for the future.  Optional CCTV security components such as intelligent video, Internet Protocol (IP) Video Surveillance, redundant storage, and multiple remote client CCTV connections can be easily added as necessary.

Security CCTV cameras, digital and network security recorders, monitors and related equipment are researched and recommended from a vast array of high quality security products. Our goal is to create an individualized and personalized system for our clients.  Premier Commercial Security will provide the appropriate CCTV security technology, design, installation, and technical support necessary to deliver the CCTV security system you require. 

Analog Security Video

Analog security video provides cost-effective security coverage and excellent picture quality, and is widely used throughout the security industry. Durable, scalable, and dependable – our traditional DVR security systems include components from only the highest quality, industry-recognized security leaders and are designed for continuous 24/7 operation.  Traditional security DVRs offer many solid security features such as multiple remote and mobile client connections, emailing security alarm notification, advanced playback features, and much more. 

Analog Security Cameras

There are many types of security cameras out in the market from pan-tilt-zoom (P.T.Z.) to tiny pin hole covert security cameras.  It is important to know exactly what you want to achieve when it comes to installing a CCTV security system.  Some options you will want to consider will be  color, black and white, day/night, or infrared security cameras?  Will I need stationary or motorized CCTV security cameras?  Will you want to view these security cameras remotely or locally?  Premier Commercial Security can evaluate your facility and give you answers to all of your security questions.

Security Lenses

There are many different types of security lenses that Premier Commercial Security can provide.  We can help you choose the right lens for the right security application.  For instance if you are trying to view a hallway or long corridor you would want a higher number millimeter security lens such as a 16mm.  If you have a small room and want to view as much as possible you would want a smaller millimeter security lens such as a 2.5mm. Often you will find vari-focal lenses, these are security lenses that can be adjusted for example from 3.5mm-8mm, this will allow for manipulation to gain the most advantageous security viewing area.

Security Image Recording

One Digital Video Recorder (DVR) performs all the functions of a VCR, Multiplexer, and Matrix Switcher.  Digital security video recording has replaced old school VCR’s.  No more filing cabinets full of V.H.S. tapes.  No more hours of searching through taped security videos.  No more poor quality security images.  Digital video security recording has come into its own in the CCTV security video surveillance marketplace.  Everyone from Security Directors to I.T. Administrators has accepted this technology as a standard in CCTV security systems.  Everyone is benefiting from the transition to digital security technology.  Sharp, clear, compressed security video is available for viewing locally and remotely.  Security personnel can view CCTV security cameras via an I.P address from a networked computer.  Digital security video can be recorded and stored to the built in hard drive, and then backed up in a variety of ways.  Retrieval of security video from a computer’s hard drive is easy and instantaneous to use through calendar interfaces.  In addition, you can print security related images to your standard printer or burn an image to a CDR, with a watermark, in order to provide usable evidence in security legal action. 

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