Systems - Access Control

Raleigh based Premier Commercial Security can help you protect your building by installing Access Control Systems.  Access Control limits unwanted entry into your facility and is the first requirement of a well designed security system.  Access Control, Card Access System, or Proximity Card Systems are all common names for the same type of security system. 

Automate Your Security and Entry

Card Access Systems allow for the automatic locking and unlocking of doors and offer the ability to control who enters your facility, when they enter the facility, and where they go within the facility.  Every Access Control System or Card Access System will have a software package to allow for full control of the system in real time.  Many Access Control Systems now offer web based software packages where no software is required to be installed on local computers or servers, all administration of the Access Control are done via a standard web browser.  PCS will train your Access Control administrators so they will have the ability to run a number of informational reports, find people quickly, track visitors, and get history of card access usage.  Remote facilities can be monitored by the same Access Control System and controlled from a single user interface in real time. 

Vykon Security JACE 601Integrate with Other Building Systems

Card access systems are more than just a convenience to replace standard keys.  Card Access Systems give you complete control over any building and easily integrate into other systems such as CCTV, Security Alarm Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Lighting Controls, and HVAC Systems.  Access Control System can secure local computer networks by allowing IT staff to deploy and monitor logical access to corporate data using a single card sign-in solution.  PCS will meet directly with your team to develop a custom solution to meet your security, as well as your budgetary goals. Premier Commercial Security staff based in Raleigh can provide detailed engineering documentation such as electrical drawings, hardware schematics, network configuration, and software integration information.  

Multiple Technologies and Credentials Including Biometrics

Premier Commercial Security has experience with all types of security card reader technologies such as Proximity, Wiegand, Magnetic Stripe, and Bar Code.  For even greater security needs PCS can provide biometric security readers such as hand geometry and fingerprint recognition.  These security readers can integrate with your system for verification or identification of personnel.

If you have a simple office environment requiring only a few secured doors or an industrial complex which requires hundreds of security control points Premier Commercial Security can provide an integrated and secure solution.

Vykon Security JACE 601 Vykon Security JACE 601
Solutions - Large Enterprise

Continental Instruments CA3000 Solution offers a scalable, interoperable enterprise platform.

Honeywell Pro-Watch Security Management Suite.  Designed to meet the challenges of today's demanding security environments.  Integration with access control and video systems from Honeywell and 3rd party manufacturers.

Vykon Security, is an advanced, web-based, Internet-enabled access control and intrusion detection system built on the industry leading NiagaraAX Framework®.  Open platform architecture and integration with BAS via BACnet, Lonworks, Modbus, OPC, and Legacy Device.

Solutions - Commercial/Office

Continental Instruments CA3000 Access Control Software and panels is easy to use, and suitable for any size installation, including sites with 4-10 doors.

Honeywell Win-Pak SE/PE Software and NetAXS4 panels provides a single user interface that integrates access control with video and Honeywell Intrusion to create a more robust platform with increased functionality.  Suitable for sites with 4-50 doors and larger.

Solutions - Small Business

Honeywell NetAXS-123 is a web-based access control solution starting one, two, or three doors.  Perfect for smaller sites such as restaurants, medical offices or daycares, NetAXS-123 offers the scalability to easily and affordably expand the system one door at a time.